Content of Italy, December 2017


3rd transnational meeting in Nettuno, Italy in December 2017. General task is the creation of an intercultural training.Host pupils will then introduce an Italian company and visit will then take place with appropriate questions prepared before the visit by the cross national groups.Students give their presentations and in the plenum the identify similarities and differences. Together they decide on the most important points on which the students want to work on. Students then focus on the general fields of development with respect to multiculturalism and technology and the ‘lack’ perceived by employers. In mixed groups, they design learning modules to prepare young people for the general challenges of the world of work. These modules are then tested on other students. Students reflect on their experience in the trainings. Students then discuss how to prepare best for working and living in another culture or with people from other cultures. Students identify which topics they think are most important. A plan for designing training modules covering cultural issues is then drawn up, i.e. which topics shall be covered by whom and in which form. Possible topics are: – communication- social norms, customs, traditions- gestures, way of communication – work ethics- environmental aspectsEvaluations and minutes will also be completed.