The ASS Nuertingen is a vocational school specializing in commerce for upper secondary education with nearly 1200 students of which 50 per cent attend full-time schooling and the other 50 per cent part time schooling for students in dual apprenticeships, e.g. Bank clerks, industrial clerks, etc. The students are aged 16-20 and we offer various types of full-time schools for them, for students in students who want to get basic commercial skills before making an apprenticeship and for students who study for the Abitur or Fachhochschulreife (both are university entry qualifications) specializing in Management and Economics (Wirtschaftsgymnasium). Recently we started teaching a class with teenage refugees, and this section is likely to increase. The school participates in a pilot project for bilingual teaching by offering a bilingual course leading towards the Abitur. Being international is one of our main aims which we realize in several school exchanges, smaller projects and excursions abroad. We applied for Erasmus before, but unfortunately we were not accepted then but we are confident this time we’ll be successful.

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