Northern Ireland


The Belfast Boys’ Model school, is based in North Belfast drawing its pupils mainly from the working class areas of West, South and North Belfast, as well as those on the outskirts of the city. However, increasingly we have students who are classed as newcomers to Northern Ireland and our student population now has pupils from Poland, Hungary, Russia, Pakistan, The Netherlands to name a few. Our school has recently been rebuilt with a new modern replacement that has won many awards for its design. We have 1000 boys from the age 11- 18 of all abilities and increasing numbers of statemented pupils with special educational needs. All students follow a common curriculum, to the age of 14 and then can choose from 24 subjects to complete their 2 years of GCSE study. These pupils can then progress into the final 2 years of study for A-levels if their achievement meets the entry requirements for senior school. We have specialisms in many subjects, but ICT is to the forefront with the latest technology used in every subject area. We also have specialisms in Mathematics, Travel & Tourism, History, Politics and Media Studies. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds but our free meals number is currently 53% which reflects the working class nature of our students, coming from increasingly deprived areas of inner city Belfast.

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