The Content of the Meeting in Belfast, April 2017


The 2nd transnational meeting took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland in April 2017. After a teambuilding exercise which involved rebuilding famous sights of the four participating countries, each partner school presented the results of the questionnaires. Then, in cross national groups, comparisons were made of the answers that have been received. The pupils then reported these findings, showing the similarities and differences between each country.

Students reported on challenges they faced and discuss the merit of the questionnaire and best practice for further surveys. Students then identified (based of the findings in the survey on employers experience / expectations): – things they feel prepared for: – things they thing they can manage with some support- things they need to learn / prepare for because they do not feel prepared.

Together they try to think of ways how to prepare for the challenges the feel least equipped for, what changes can be implemented in their schools, what can they do personally and what can they organize in the course of the project.

In cross national groups, students researched the following topics which the students identified: the types and specification of different forms of labour contracts, i.e. temporary vs permanent job contracts, part-time or zero-hours contracts; the difference between gross income and net income, i.e taxation, payments for social insurance; collaboration and dispute settlement between employees and employers or the protection of workers’ rights.

The findings of these groups will be incorporated in in the factbook “Essential knowledge for working in my country”. Students participated in a careers carousel in which they could get to know various potential employers in little time. The Belfast school provided the technology and the setting for the e-book / i-book. Evaluations and minutes were completed.