The Content of The Meeting, Nürtingen 2016


1st transnational meeting in Nuertingen, Germany in December 2016. Students met, exchanged hopes and fears for their future careers, this served to create bonds by establishing similarities.

Students gave presentations on the prepared topics. Presentations were discussed; similarities and differences between different countries were established.

Hosting students organized a visit of two international companies, Putzmeister Holding GmbH in Aichtal and Gebr. Heller Maschinenbau GmbH in Nürtingen. Students learned more about potential future employers, and were able to experience working environments first hand. Before the visit, students gathered general information on the companies.

In the course of the project work at school student learned about the research method survey and learned about its potential design elements. Students then set about to create a comprehensive questionnaire about the requirements of employers concerning the skills of potential young professionals about to start their careers.

Based on prior research, presentations, impressions of company visit, students brainstormed in cross national groups which topics should be included in the major project questionnaire and which questions should be formulated in which way in order to get suitable results. As the questionnaire was used in all participating countries there was plenty of need for debating problems and potential pitfalls as to which questions should be included or phrased in which way.

Topics covered in the survey were employers’ experience with new workers who have recently graduated and workers from other cultural backgrounds: – specialist knowledge (economy, business procedures, IT skills)- communication skills ( use of language, body language, strategy of communication)- social skills (impact with colleagues, superiors, customers, teamwork) – cultural differences (which benefits / problems arose)- future expectations of employers for labour market. However students also wanted to know about the perks and benefits companies use to increase employee satisfaction. Students finalized the questionnaire and planned how to conduct the survey.

Evaluations and minutes were also completed. At home, the questionnaire was translated into the various languages.